Getting important documents to your suppliers or customers as quickly as possible is vital to the efficient running of motor businesses…and that’s why we’ve just added a fantastic new feature: users can now send any invoice or PO as an attachment right from CarVue!

CarVue gives businesses the ability to create draft purchases and invoices, plus the ability to convert them into confirmed accounts docs as PDF’s, which can be viewed and downloaded onto user’s computers or devices.

…And this week we’ve made that important job of getting the doc to your customer or supplier quicker and easier with a fantastic email facility built into the Accounts module.

Users simply need to select ‘Email’ from a dropdown menu and fill in the email body. The subject line, from and to email addresses are intelligently prefilled, with the document attached. Press send, and your contact will have it in seconds…

Yet another great garage accounting tool brought to you by CarVue.

Simple but Smart.