H-hour is almost here…on Monday 23rd June 2014, UK independent Sales & service businesses will be able to register for their free 30 day trial of CarVue!

A successful round of Beta testing has ensured that the product has been extensively real-world tested, and is perfectly suited to the vast majority of garages located across the UK.

As well as free and easy access to demonstrate and trial the product over 30 days, pricing is another area where CarVue is breaking ground with monthly packages starting at just £25 for the Starter Edition.

Explains CarVue Marketing Director Alex Knight, “To an industry used to high up-front costs with traditional software-based management systems, the ability to demo the product in full and over an extended period, and then pay the equivalent of just 30 mins of an average labour hour charge for a month has been extremely well received by our users. Independent garages have historically been hugely put off by the high levels of IT investment, training, expertise and updating required by most management systems, so to get up and running with just a web browser in under 5 minutes represents a paradigm shift for them: suddenly professional levels of customer service, invoicing, visibility, workflow and much more have become extremely accessible.”

Comments Carl Wilcock, owner of Wilco Autos in Kenilworth, “I was looking for one comprehensive system to replace the paper-based diary and invoicing systems we had in place. Getting to use the system via the free trial, I was able to ensure it was what I needed before committing financially. Best of all, the monthly pricing suits my business much better than other systems as I didn’t need to commit any money upfront, which would have scared me away. ”

Have a look today for full details of CarVue’s packages and pricing

…and you can see more about how CarVue is transforming the independent Sales & service market from our users themselves here.