Today is yet another landmark day in the exciting world of CarVue, as we are delighted to announce the launch of CarVue Global Edition.

Joining the UK edition of the innovative cloud management application which was launched in June, the Global edition now opens up the simple but smart system to motor businesses anywhere in the world.

Visitors from all nations can now visit the website, check out the Global edition features and pricing, and get signed up and start using CarVue in their business in a matter of minutes.

Global Edition presents worldwide users with:

– 30 day no-obligation, no credit card required trial of the Standard Package

– No upfront costs and low cost monthly, pay-as-you-go packages to cater for businesses large and small

– Free inclusive Media Pack to trial address look-up facility

– Global, secure & backed-up data centres in the cloud

– Regionalisation settings to personalise to location’s needs: currency/timezone/language*

– Customisable taxation rates and account codes

– Global Support, knowledgebase and forum

– A growing ecosystem of connected apps: from accounting to social media to vehicle data services

– Seamless updates there the next time you log-in

Commented CarVue Managing Director Carl Lightfoot,

“Today is a hugely significant day in the life of CarVue as we open the doors and invite in businesses anywhere in the world to join our platform.

CarVue was conceived and built from day one as a Global product, and in the short time that it’s been running in the UK we have experienced huge demand from motor businesses everywhere for a simple, smart system to help the running of their workshop and showroom. 

What we’ve discovered from our research is that the fundamental elements of running an automotive operation are very similar from region to region: from managing customers and suppliers, to work orders and diaries through to invoice. The beauty of CarVue lies in its simplicity in completing everyday tasks like these. It’s intuitive to pick up for garage owners and employees the world over, yet packed with smart features, 3rd party integrations and a roadmap for evolution that is formed from what our global users are asking for.”

*CarVue is currently available in English language, with additional languages coming soon.