This week has seen the biggest release to date of CarVue, with some 60+ new features making it into the app.

Users logging in today to CarVue can see some fantastic new additions to the system…

Drag & Drop T-card Boards

Plenty of users asked about it, and the CarVue team has listened. From today there’s no longer any need to click on a job to change status and move it into a different T-Card column – simply click and hold the T card and drag it into a new column or status. As easy as that!

Drag and Drop T Cards

This feature has been especially designed to cater for workshop touch screens and tablets, so no need for a mouse either – just drag the job where you need to.

In addition, we’ve added in some new calendar layouts to show a week at a time for jobs not yet in the workshop, and completed jobs. Drag & drop is enabled on these new pages to transfer jobs between different dates, as well as being able to drag them into statuses on your main workshop T-Card board or into the bin to delete any jobs that don’t turn up or are in error.

New support & communication sidebar

Getting help when you need it is essential in any management system, and we’ve invested a huge amount of time in making sure that this crucial function is spot on for our users. Our new support widget is cleverer than ever and we’re rather proud of it!

To start, you’ll now get contextually relevant help suggestions when you click the widget and open the new support sidebar, so if you’re in contacts for example, you’ll be presented with articles relevant to Contacts.

Search the CarVue knowledgebase with new support widget

Of course, if you can’t find the answer, you can do a search and you’ll be presented with results from our comprehensive knowledgebase as you type…

Our Live Chat system has been completely overhauled and is now fully integrated into the support sidebar. Getting hold of a member of the support team is now in the same place as other help, and even easier. The system keeps track of every conversation you’ve ever had with support so you can easily refer back to any chat in the past in an instant. The integrated chat now means new features can be communicated to CarVue users directly within the application, and can be intelligently shown as messages when users hit pages with new features. The support team also have the ability now to start a conversation with a user while they are using the application.

Got a great idea for a new feature, integration or improvement? CarVue users can let the team now know straight from the support sidebar.

We’ve also made it easier for new users to find help with links to a quick start guide and the CarVue Academy, the inbuilt online training available from the moment a location is set-up, which sets out 12 easy ‘lessons’ to help newbies taking their first steps in the CarVue world; from creating contacts, to customising workshop statuses and inviting new users.

Here’s how the new support sidebar looks and an overview of what each area does:

The new Support sidebar in CarVue

New Sales interface

The vehicle sales module is no longer in Beta mode and users managing their used car operations will notice that the system has undergone a major facelift in the latest release.

In come deal opportunities for recording each enquiry received on a vehicle:

Sales opportunities in CarVue

Opportunities are colour coded according to temperature rating, ranging from a cold, blue thermometer icon through warm orange to hot red. The icon changes to green when a deal is done.

A completely new ‘Opportunities’ dashboard page complements this great addition to Sales; the new layout showing all current opportunities together. Car Sales teams now have the flexibility to view an opportunity on each stock vehicle individually or to view all live opportunities in one place together.

e new Sales Opportunity dashboard in CarVue


Also arriving are sales order forms, which include part exchange details and finance settlements. These key documents can be generated at the point of sale on any stock record with an opportunity attached and provide a formalised structure on which to agree a sale.

Behind the scenes, lots of work has gone into Sales to calculate and apply VAT margins on vehicle sales. This facility is flexible to cater for different VAT margin schemes across the globe, and handles changes to the VAT rate with ease.

And much more…

There’s a whole host of other improvements we’ve put out in this latest release, from speed improvements to usability aids, accounting reports and more.

You can read the full release breakdown here