Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about CarVue.

What software do I have to install to run CarVue?


There’s no software disc to buy and install, or big installation file that you need to download and install. CarVue is accessed through a web browser and is what is known as Software as a Service (or SaaS for short) or a cloud-based application.

That’s as technical as we need to go…what that means to your workshop or sales operation is that signing up is as simple as visiting our website and creating a user account. And when you want to access CarVue, all you need to do is go to the website, hit log-in and you’ll be in your garage management system in a jiffy, and on whatever device you want!

Running your garage this way makes managing your IT trouble-free. We think that you should be fixing and selling cars, not fixing computers and installing software. When you want to provide access to a new member of staff, there is no hassle with buying new licences for new machines and installing software just to get them up and running. They just need access to a web browser and they’ll be working in CarVue in minutes.

Best of all, we won’t penalise your business by making you buy additional user licences. All CarVue plans come with unlimited users. We don’t believe in punishing businesses for growing and that the more people using and contributing to running your garage, the better the intelligence and information for all and the better customer experience you’ll be offering.

What computers or devices will CarVue work on?

You can log-in and use CarVue on any device that has a web connection, whether that’s your desktop computer, your iPad or your mobile phone.

We’ve designed CarVue specifically to work on all web-based devices equipped with a browser.

What that means is that unlike pretty much every other workshop, automotive or dealer management software you may have seen, that require installation for each user in a Windows environment, using a specific software client you need to install and run every time, all you actually need to access CarVue is a web browser.

Nothing to install, nothing to update, no expensive hardware needed.

That means you can log on and access your CarVue using any device, anywhere and at any time.

CarVue will work on:

  • Desktop Windows and Mac computers
  • Laptops and Notebooks
  • iPad, iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab & all other tablets
  • iPhone, Android and all other smartphones
  • Diagnostic machines

What Web browsers will CarVue work in?

We’ve built CarVue with the latest web browsers in mind, as these are the most popular out there, and maintain the highest levels of security.

It works best on computers, tablets, phones running the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox (which auto-update to the latest, most secure versions) as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 10 & 11.

That means that on older browsers (like IE7, 8, & 9) there may well be some display problems, as we simply can’t spend all of our time developing for older, less secure browsers (it’s much better spent on shiny new features for our community…).

For businesses used to running an older browser like IE7,8 or 9, we would recommend simply upgrading to the latest Internet Explorer, or better still, downloading one of our recommended browsers below, which are all free!

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari for Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox

Read more here about CarVue’s browser support here.


Where and how is CarVue hosted?

CarVue is cloud-based, so that means it’s all hosted securely on the internet (with a little tech firm called Microsoft…) and not in a singular hosting centre or sat on your garage floor gathering dust and oil and costing you money to maintain and upgrade. Running your management system from a single datacentre or on a PC in your business puts your data at huge risk. If anything should happen to that machine, if it breaks or gets stolen, you face the risk of losing not only your means of invoicing and managing your business but also your entire database of customers, vehicles and accounts.

We’ve made it cloud-based so it’s accessible via the web wherever you are, but also because of the levels of security and back-up surety to your business that running an application in the cloud offers. Our solution is able to simply and immediately switch servers if there were to be a major event at any of Microsoft’s server centres we use across the world.

That’s the kind of peace of mind we want our users to have. After all, you have businesses to run, and any downtime to your management system could potentially result in loss of revenue.

On top of that, we take the hassle out of operating and upgrading expensive hardware. Our partners use the latest technology to run the application, so you don’t have to…

…all you need is your good old web browser.

As we say: Your business is fixing cars, not fixing computers, so we’ll take the IT worry away from you.


Can I manage my entire workshop and car sales operation using CarVue?

Absolutely. CarVue is a complete end-to-end management solution for Sales and Service automotive businesses.

There’s a secure and backed up place for you to store all of your Contacts: customers, suppliers and employees. There’s also a very comprehensive Vehicles module that stores all the cars your business comes into contact with through your Sales or Service departments. Everything your workshop or showroom buys or sells whether parts, labour or utilities is neatly stored in our Products module.

The Sales module has everything your garage needs to manage your vehicle stockbooks, part exchanges and enquiries, covering the complete sales life cycle from acquisition to invoice.

Heading into Workshop you’re able to input quickly and manage all of your jobs with different views that you can use, with lists, calendars and T-Card boards. When it’s time to add purchases and invoices to jobs, you’re able to do this easily all from a job card, where you can also contact your customer by text message (dependent on region) and email with a time-stamped communication chain for each and every job.

Creating sales invoices and purchase invoices can either be done through a job card or stock record, or else in the Accounts module where you can rapidly generate a document draft, commit to your system and email to a contact of your choosing.

Our powerful Reports provide detailed insights into your business performance with colourful graphs and downloadable excel-format spreadsheets that will give you the intelligence you need to make informed decisions for your business. Reports cover your whole business, including service reminders, invoice breakdowns, workshop capacity and vehicle sales reports.

Getting CarVue fine-tuned for your business is easy with our customisable Settings.

Here you can:

  • Administer users, currency, time zone and other location settings
  • Set-up your chart of accounts with nominal codes and bank accounts
  • Customise your workshop bays, technicians and job statuses
  • Tailor the T-Card Board headings and colours to your own bespoke layout
  • Add your company logo and change the layout of invoice, purchase & job card templates

Does CarVue have an accounts module?

Out of the box, CarVue gives you the ability to set up bank accounts, invoice prefixes, run numbers and taxation rates. Once you’ve got it the way you want it, you’ll be up and running and able to generate sales and purchase invoices, credit notes, sales order forms and all other accounting docs you need. We recognise that your business needs the ability to customise your invoices, bank account names, payment methods and more. So you can! With super flexible options, you can simply head to the Settings menu to set up accounts the way you want them.

Garage Setup Wizard

We also have a set-up wizard to make life even easier when finding your feet in the app. This gives you the ability to quickly set-up the accounting side of your business. Although there is the ability to generate sales and purchase invoices, receipts, credit notes and to mark payments as being taken, CarVue doesn’t handle bank reconciliations. There are some brilliant accounting packages out there and we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Xero logo

CarVue & Xero

We’re proud to have a fantastic integration with leading online accounting software Xero. The integration is seamless, enabling your CarVue invoices and other financial activity to be directly linked to your Xero accounts. No double entry; your accounts are seamlessly updated as you use CarVue.

Find out more here…

Accounting reports to display or download

For users of Sage, Kashflow, Quickbooks and other systems, we also offer CSV exports for all your financial transactions from our Reports module. Simply pick start and end dates and all transactions will be ready for you in a handy Excel CSV file that’s formatted for the biggest accounting packages out there that you can import in moments…

Does CarVue have a free trial?


We recognise that you aren’t going to commit to paying for anything these days if you can’t see it, or better still, try it.

At CarVue, we believe in trying before you buy, and that’s why we offer a 14 day no credit required free trial. You can try the whole app without giving us any money at all.

With the CarVue Free trial you’ll get to try our comprehensive garage management system for your sales or service business. We even throw in some text messages, vehicle look-up’s (dependent on region) and address look-ups meaning you can try those great time-saving features completely free!

If you love the system at the end of your trial, all you need to do is upgrade to one of our great monthly price plans: Lite and Advanced.

We think that’s a fair way of doing business – you get to try out the whole app for free, then you can simply upgrade to one of our fairly priced pay-as-you-go monthly packages

How does Support in CarVue work?

Like everything in CarVue, getting help is simple and smart.

We aren’t naïve enough to think that things don’t occasionally break, not work or encounter other problems. That’s why we make contacting our Support team as simple as possible. We know you lead busy, multi-tasking lives and don’t necessarily have time to phone automated systems and describe complex issues to someone in a call centre…

Located within CarVue itself is our all-singing, all-dancing support widget. It’s a button with a big green question mark at the bottom of every page. When you have a support issue, this is your first port of call.

Simply type in your request, and if we already have knowledgebase articles, videos or forum discussions on known subjects, you’ll be able to read those immediately from the widget.

If we don’t, or they don’t quite answer your question, you can quickly start a live chat conversation with our team. You can even include a screenshot simply by ticking a checkbox, so our team can see where you are and possibly speed up our response.

Will you be adding in new functionality and integrations?

Yes, we are always adding in new features and integrations.

Your business doesn’t stand still, and neither should your management system.

We recognise that there are loads of cool features you’d like to see, and also that there are other systems you use in your daily lives that if integrated into CarVue could make your life even easier.

CarVue is an open integration platform that plays nice with others and we already integrate with some of the industry’s leading names.

We aren’t in the market to tell you what your business needs by developing features that we choose. We believe that the best future path for our product is in your hands.

When you register to use CarVue, you get a voice in the democracy that is the CarVue community. We believe that you all have a right to say what the product does or doesn’t do, and so for that reason you’re able to suggest new features, functionality and integration via our user forum.

The ideas that generate the most support, discussion and votes are then picked up by our Product team, discussed regularly, and planned into the product roadmap. The most popular ideas therefore stand a very good chance of making it into CarVue.

At the end of the day we want to make the product even more useful and integral to your business, so why wouldn’t we listen to what the majority of our users want?

Want to see what we’ve done already? Take a look at our Feature Ideas forum today to see how our users’ ideas get voted on, commented on, and which ones have made it into the product already.

What happens with updates to CarVue?

Running your garage management system in the cloud offers peace of mind when it comes to back-ups, security and accessibility. It also means that we can push out updates seamlessly to all of our users without the requirement to update, upgrade or install anything at all.

Unlike traditional software solutions for the motor trade, you aren’t eventually forced
into paying for an upgrade as the software company are no longer supporting or developing their ‘old platform’ (which was ‘new’ when you signed up…).

CarVue is in a state of constant development, and typically we push out new releases every couple of weeks that contain new features, integrations and bug fixes. The update happens at our end, so when you next log-in, you’ll be automatically onto the next version.

It’s as simple and easy to understand as that. No discs, no downloads, no effort or cost on your part whatsoever. We’ll also drop you a message and a notification in the app, so that when you log in next, you’ll see that we’ve updated CarVue and you can find out what’s been changed or added in.

Who knows, with our community of users suggesting features and ideas all the time, it could be your feature that’s in the latest version when you log back in…

How quick is CarVue to setup?

From our website, creating a new user account, entering your business information and creating your first customer, vehicle, job or invoice takes about 5 minutes.

We’re extremely proud of CarVue, and that’s why we make it easy and pressure-free to sign-up and get going using it to manage your garage. Unlike other garage management systems you have seen before, CarVue requires no enquiry, request for online demonstration during business hours, or visit from a salesman that can take up vital time in your garage. Sign-up today and you can trial the whole of CarVue, in your own time, with no sales pressure, for ever… and what’s more it’s for free!

All you need to get started is an email address to create a user account, and a few easy business details to get your workshop or showroom live in moments.

Take a look at what some of our users say about how quick and easy it is for them to get started managing their business in CarVue…

Can CarVue handle multi-site businesses?

Yes. CarVue has been built to fit all sizes of automotive business, from mobile sole traders, all the way up to large multi-location fast fit chains.

If you have more than one location, then you can benefit from shared information across your businesses on both the Lite and Advanced packages.

As with your first CarVue location, setting up additional sites takes a matter of minutes, and via our ‘Settings’ menu, you’re able to control with ease what sites your staff need access to with multiple permission levels.

Got a different question?

Get in touch with our support team. Click ‘help’ at the bottom of this page, or visit our Support page for more info.

Start your free trial today!