Benefits to your garage using CarVue

What’s in it for you? Well quite a lot actually. Here are three benefits.

Saves you time

Save an hour a day of admin

Saves you money

Up to 90% cheaper than other software

Helps you sell more

Boost garage income by 20%

Save Time

CarVue can reduce garage admin time by an hour a day.

Using just one, integrated system for all the non-productive tasks you carry out currently on multiple systems can rapidly cut down on the time taken to run your garage everyday…

Admin comes in lots of forms from quoting on new work and booking in cars, looking up and generating reminders, looking up parts and job times, to setting up customer and supplier invoices… there are plenty of ways you may be burning valuable time not fixing cars.

Our research shows that garages spend an average of 40% of their day carrying out administration tasks for their business.

By using CarVue, we can save an average garage an hour a day on admin alone.

Admin time is now way more flexible, whether looking up service history, stock records, invoicing, or contacting a customer by text, you can do it on any device, whenever and wherever you want.

Wouldn’t you rather be fixing more cars in that hour every day? We thought so too.

Save Money

Choosing CarVue can also save your garage a whole load of money.

Whether you sell cars, service cars or do both, you’ll find that our monthly pricing plans give you a more advanced product at a much lower cost than other leading software providers in the UK. Many of these systems charge on top for SMS text messages and vehicle/address look-ups which quickly add up in a busy workshop or used car sales business…

Take a look below and see how we compare against a leading Sales DMS provider, an old-style server-based workshop system, and another leading cloud workshop system.

Inflexible server-based systems of the olden days are pricey to operate. They need high upfront investment in computers, servers and back-up processes and charge for ongoing support and maintenance costs. They also tend to charge per user, meaning monthly licence costs quickly spiral upwards once your garage begins to grow.

Moving functions like your service reminders into the cloud can also save a heap of money that you’re not spending on expensive (and time-consuming to boot) snail mail postage.

Our plans are fairer on businesses and they all come with:

  • Unlimited users. Not charged per user, charged per location.
  • All inclusive pricing. No costly add-ons to pay on top of your licence.

Sell more

What garage would say no to selling more, whether labour, parts or accessories?
For a start, the hour a day you’re saving on your admin could mean an hour of extra of labour on an invoice.

CarVue Starter: £29 per month
Avg. UK Independent labour rate/hr: £63*
An extra hour a day could mean: £1,575 in labour alone!
Just selling 1 extra hour of labour would pay for the subscription for your entire garage management system for a month.

That monthly subscription doesn’t look too much now does it…?

And there’s more…

CarVue is also packed with smart tools and features that can generate more sales for your garage very quickly.

And they don’t need to be complicated. Start with the simple…

Are you doing service, MOT and other reminders to your customers?

One CarVue customer, A Welsh Motors in Basingstoke, wasn’t doing them. They started using the reminder date and report exports in CarVue, and within a few short weeks, they were generating an extra 20% each month. Just from service reminders.

“As a business owner, I need to know how it’s performing at all times whether I’m in the garage or not.”

– Lorna Mosley, A Welsh Motors

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