With more and more data and security breaches reported every week, should you be worried about your business data security?

The quick answer is yes. We all should.

Whether we’re private individuals accessing the web for our personal use, a small business, a large corporation or a multinational conglomerate, cyber security should be a prime concern.

A day doesn’t go by without one headline or another pointing the finger at a company for its lack of security protocol which puts sensitive data at risk.

The other day it was the turn of the University of Greenwich which breached the data of many of its research students by making hundreds of names, addresses, signatures, dates of birth and mobile phone numbers readily available online. A massive breach of the Data Protection Act.

It was reported to the BBC by a student who found the information by a simple Google search. The university has since apologised and says it has now removed all data.

The point is, if large organisations, where you would expect some of the latest technology and security software to be in operation, can be caught out, chances are you can too.

Your garage holds a lot of personal data about your customers; from phone numbers to home addresses to car registration details. If you provide finance as part of a used car sales operation, you will hold even more sensitive data.

Data and cyber security breaches are reported practically daily all over the world. Security breaches and cyber attacks can happen to anyone so don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re small fry and therefore the hackers will simply pass you by.

If your security isn’t up to scratch, chances are, someone somewhere will try to penetrate your meagre defences and before you know it, you’ve either experienced a data breach or your website has been compromised and ultimately your business will suffer.

Using CarVue? Relax. Your data is super-secure.

As a modern software business, when we  conceived and built CarVue as a cloud application, data security was number one priority.

Software firms like us building cloud apps (ones that you can access in a web browser) are advantaged in that the major cloud storage providers all offer high levels of data protection and security in their platforms.

We knew that we needed the highest levels of protection for garages and their customers’ data.

So we partnered with one of the biggest names in the software world, Microsoft, to get that for our customers.

Take a look at your security processes

Our advice is to take a step back and think about how your data is used.

Ask yourself questions like “do any third parties take a feed from my data?” “How safely are my customers’ details stored?” and from those, consider and write down any risks to your business, and also to the confidential data of your customers.

Ask your software provider how they are ensuring the security of your business data, and that of your customers.

If you’re using paper diaries, invoices, or excel sheets on your workshop computer, now is the time to act to protect your valuable data.

If your business and customer data is not stored in a secure environment, you need to take some steps to protect that information. After all, you don’t want the next security breach to put your garage or customers at risk do you?

Find out more

If you would like more details on the security we use to secure confidential business information, write me a comment and I’ll be happy to explain more!