CarVue customers managing the products they buy and sell in their garages can now benefit from stock inventory levels, as this popular feature has been added into the software.

CarVue already had the facility in products to easily set-up parts, packages and any other item being sold in their garage within products. Once added, any product can then be sold to customers, simply by picking them to be added to quotations, job cards and invoices.


Now this popular functionality has been enhanced so that products can be marked as stock items, allowing a stock level to be inputted too.

This stock level then simply reduces as the item is sold, or increases as more of the product are purchased. The existing product capability already handles unit, cost and selling price data.

“Almost all garages keep stocks, the most important often being engine oil,” said Rob Skidmore, CarVue’s Product Director. “But this can be used for any other consumables, or even hard parts where larger garages choose to hold popular items.”


Parts inventory was the most frequently asked for feature by our customers, so this is a great example of us listening to what our users want, and delivering the most popular features to them.

Because CarVue is cloud-based, you can immediately use the new stock functionality without needing to upgrade subscriptions, or run any software updates.

“The stock management capability creates history records too so that it’s easier to understand how valuable stocks like engine oils are really being used within the business,” added Rob.