When Jonathan Fry, an experienced mobile electrical diagnostic technician working in Hull, UK started using CarVue, he knew that he had finally found a system capable of handling the needs of a busy business always on the move.

Operating daily on various devices and from diverse locations, he needed a regularly updated management system that he could access any time, on any device, and from anywhere.

In addition, he was also looking for a simple system that meant he could carry out basic tasks quickly, improving his efficiency and speeding up his time between jobs.

Explains Jonathan, “I was running three systems in parallel, handling 1. Invoices, stock control and service histories, 2. Scheduling and dispatch and 3. Vehicle record database. In addition, I wasn’t able to operate all of these systems remotely, with significant investment required in licences and hardware/software.

Being able to manage my business via CarVue was extremely important as I operate in multiple locations, using multiple devices, whether iPad Mini, iPhone, Panasonic Toughbook or Windows-based diagnostic tools. I needed a system that I could access in multiple locations, from motor trade businesses to roadside and driveway locations.

I’m not an IT technician, so the less time I spend installing, updating and troubleshooting my own software, the more time I have to repair vehicles and earn a living. In addition, technology, whether it’s hardware or software is progressing at an amazing pace. Being able to tap into advances in software technology automatically gives me a great business advantage over businesses who do not grasp new technology.”

Hear everything Jonathan has to say by watching our video.