We’re very pleased to announce that the all-new Sales module has gone into Beta!

Independent Used Car dealers and combined Sales/Service garages can now manage their entire vehicle sales operation from within the innovative cloud-based garage management system.

Sales covers the entire life cycle of a vehicle: from stock acquisition, purchase order and vehicle reconditioning all the way through the management of leads, the sale, part exchange and the production of a professional invoice. And best of all, it’s all as easy and efficient to use as users have come to expect of the Simple but Smart CarVue application.

A few features of Sales…

  • Stocklist view
    • Quickly view & filter your stock
  • Contact Enquiry Management
    • Track all of your leads for every vehicle in stock
  • Profit & Deal Calculator
    • Fine-tune the deal to maximise your profit
  • Transaction trail
    • Add expenses & purchases against stock
  • Part Exchanges
    • Bring a customer’s PX into your stock simply and quickly

Sales is in Beta testing at the moment. That means that we want all CarVue subscribers and trial version users to test the way that it works in the real world, to make sure it’s spot on before it goes into the live product.

Beta testing for new features is something we strongly believe in at CarVue. We don’t push out product enhancements until we’re confident that they are right for our users. It’s just another way that we are working with the CarVue community to continuously ensure the application is evolving according to their needs.