The look and user experience of CarVue’s home dashboard and Sales module have seen some big improvements as part of today’s release of the app.


Cleaner, more intuitive Dashboard

Following conversations with lots of our customers, we’ve reworked the home dashboard and elements on the dashboard are now more logically grouped and laid out so they’re easy to find first time and every time.


More help getting started

Getting started is easy with CarVue's Garage Setup Wizard and quick start guide
Sometimes getting up and running with a new system can be pretty daunting, so we’ve made life simpler for new users. We’ve got prominent links to our garage set-up wizard, quick start guides and our help squad to aid CarVue newcomers right from the start of their CarVue journey.


More Customisation possibilities

Customise your dashboard in CarVue with the new customise link

How much detail you want to see is now in your hands! Don’t want to see the link to the CarVue Academy (our online training course) any more? No problems: now you can toggle it off by clicking a new ‘Customise Dashboard’ link.

Once up to speed, and fully setup and trained in carVue, simply turn it off and get a new cool time and date widget!

CarVue's new cool time and date widget for th home dashboard


Choose the detail you want

You can also toggle on or off a detailed view of your workshop or sales departments. Detailed view shows exactly that: more detail on your sales stock or workshop jobs.

The new dashboard of CarVue lets you toggle between simple and detailed views of your workshop and sales operations


New module links

With CarVue's new dashboard it's now even easier to access the different modules
We’ve broken out our supersearch boxes into modules for contacts, invoices, purchase and so on…

We’ve simplified and reduced the amount of links to different areas of CarVue, and redesigned it, so with each module you can now view, search and add records all in the one place.


Major upgrade to Vehicle Sales interface

It’s not just the home dashboard that’s been improved, we’ve also changed the interface for our Vehicle Sales module…


Cleaner, clearer stock records

While everything was available in the old stock record view, it wasn’t as logically linked as it needed to be. Our users told us, so we went and changed it.

Opportunities are now grouped in CarVue's new 'Sale' tab on every stock record

We’ve moved opportunities to a new tab called ‘Sale’ where everything to do with the sale of your car now lives.


Show and hide your profit

CarVue Users going into a stock record today will notice a calculator button at the top. This enables you to show or hide your profit in a car. Once you add a Part Exchange to an opportunity, you’ll then see the profit in both the sale of your car and the Part exchange profit potential. This came from our customer feedback forum – and we saw that it made good sense for where a customer may see your CarVue screen to be able to show and hide the deal profit.


At-a-glance deal progress

We’ve added in some big, visual deal indicators to show you how a deal is progressing. You’ll see ticks appearing once a part exchange is added, deposit taken, invoice produced etc…


One-click commit

Where you used to have to draft and then commit purchases and invoices, you’ve now got a one-click option to commit them straight to your accounts that can save you time on every stock record.

I’d love to hear what you think of the changes to our dashboard and sales module…have your say by commenting below!