We’re really excited today as we’ve made some big changes to our pricing plans and introduced a fantastic new FREE version that garages can use to run their business forever if they like…

CarVue Free replaces the 30 day free trial of CarVue and allows users to sign up without a credit card or payment method needed and within certain limits, use the app to manage their workshop and sales operations completely free of charge.

We’ve also added in two new plans: V6 and V8. These new pricing packages allow garages to sensibly grow with CarVue as their business grows.

Now garages can sign up and try out our cloud-based app (on any device too!) and when they need to use more of the system than CarVue Free allows, they can simply upgrade to one of the great monthly pay-as-you-go plans from within the CarVue app.

The pricing changes have been brought in following user feedback for a longer free trial period. All of the new price plans allow independent garages anywhere in the world to use all of the system, with sales/service modules, text messaging, vehicle data look-up and address look-up now available on them all.

For full details on what’s available in each pricing package take a look at our Pricing Plans today.

What do you think about CarVue FREE…we’d love to hear from you!

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new carvue website

New carvue.com website launched

To coincide with the introduction of CarVue’s free and streamlined pricing model, you may notice that we’ve also launched our shiny new website which brings a simpler, cleaner experience to web browsers looking to discover CarVue features and sign-up…let us know what you think here!

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Reducing costs for the independent sector

Unique to CarVue’s offering is that businesses are charged only by location instead of users.  This can dramatically reduce operating costs because owners do not have to purchase additional user licences.

Carl Lightfoot, Managing Director commented: “You shouldn’t have to worry about your software costs going up every time you add a new user. We believe that the more people you have using CarVue, the higher the quality of information and communication inside your operation – this results in a smoother running business and ultimately, happier customers.”

CarVue’s cloud-based solution frees independent workshop and car sales businesses from the worry and cost of expensive computer hardware and software.  The CarVue application is constantly evolving with new features and functionality being delivered on a weekly basis. This means users never have to worry about upgrading or maintaining their workshop system.  An additional benefit is that users can access CarVue from any web-enabled device, at any time with no installation necessary, allowing users to provide new levels of customer service when they are away from their business.


* Text messaging and VRM look-up are UK only at present