Yesterday we released a new version of CarVue which brings in some neat changes to the Sales module as well as a new setup wizard, Sales Starter package, some new reports, and several new currency and language packs. Here’s a summary of what’s new…

Sales Module

Sales has undergone quite a facelift in this release with plenty of enhancements and layout changes to make the sales process even slicker for our users.

There’s now a clean, tabbed layout to make managing and closing a deal with any sales opportunities quick, easy and logical.

Subscribers are also now able to take a deposit against any stock records and offset these against the order form and invoice.


  • Adding a Part Exchange now returns you straight back to the opportunity
  • You no longer need to create a quote or invoice to produce an sales order form
  • Create new workshop job card direct from stock record, plus view status/history of jobs on the vehicle at-a-glance
  • Lots of speed improvements across the Sales module
  • New suite of reports available in Reports > Sales for purchased, sold, enquiry sources and more…
  • New CarVue Starter edition for Sales-only businesses now available

New Set-up Wizard

Helping out first time users in configuring and tailoring CarVue to fit their business, we now have a comprehensive set-up wizard to get workshops up and running with the system they way they work in minutes.

Head into the wizard and you’ll be able to customise your location, accounting documents, tax, sales and workshop preferences all in one place, and then send out multiple invites at once for others to access your location in CarVue.

You can find the new wizard on the home dashboard at the top left of the dashboard the first time you log-in to the app

Email History

Wherever in CarVue that you send an email to a contact, you will now be able to see an audit trail of when you sent it, and to what address. From an invoice, Purchase or contact just head to the Events tab to see when and to who any emails have been sent.

New Languages & Currencies

For our global users, we’ve now added in some new languages and currencies to CarVue:

  • Malay language pack
  • Polish language pack
  • Moroccan Dirham currency
  • Ugandan Shilling currency

Just head to Settings > Location to change your language (culture), currency, odometer unit and timezone.

And finally…!

We also added in:

  • New Service & MOT reminder reports in Reports > Vehicle
  • Improved Supersearch feedback when no results returned
  • Contact search field posts through details when adding new record
  • A fix for an error some users were experiencing with some of the dashboard totals

And much much more!