Paul Relph, A10 Adaptions

CarVue has transformed daily life for Paul Relph, owner of A10 Adaptions, a leading company in vehicle modifications and adaptions for disabled drivers.

Tell us a bit about your business:

A10 Adaptions has been running for 4 years and I see approximately 30 cars per month, carrying out modifications and adaptions of vehicles for disabled drivers and passengers.

What were the major challenges to your business before CarVue?

I had no customer communication audit trail in place, and so my customer details were not easily found or even lost. I was using a paper workshop diary and invoice system and running Excel. Jobs were being forgotten about and I was suffering from a general lack of cohesion and organisation. I wanted a system that could be clear and organised to aid the general day-to-day running visibility and organisation of my business. I was looking for a wall mounted T-card system when I stumbled across a computer based one and signed up from there.

Why do you need to access CarVue anywhere?

At times I will be out on the road and there will be no one in the office to phone and ask a question, being able to access up to date information whilst out on the road is a big time saver! I am a Mobile ‘Vehicle Adaptation Specialist’, all my work is at dealerships and customer’s houses. I can access CarVue with my lap top to see details of jobs or customers etc.

Being cloud-based, Is it a huge advantage to you having nothing to install or software to upgrade?

I have experienced computer failures and external hard drive failure and to get that info back can cost thousands and it’s not guaranteed. Cloud-based is the safest way to safeguard your data.

CarVue has a Pay as you Go model as opposed to traditional upfront investments. Is this important to your business?

I probably couldn’t afford an up-front investment, monthly payments helps to budget!

Is it easy to get up and running?

Yes, and having the free trial period was a great advantage; in the past I’ve wasted a lot of money on software products as I have only been able to see example screens, only to find out that it just isn’t quite right for my business needs. Getting started in the program was easy, and I was up and running and adding information to CarVue within a few minutes.

Overall, how easy do you find CarVue to use?

It is very easy and fast compared to most of the web based programs that I have encountered and simple to use, when I don’t know how… the help system always has the answer.

How do you feel about the CarVue Community?

Cloud based data is the future, the people who use this will be stepping up their game professionally. Suggesting new features is so painless in CarVue and much easier than making a phone call, and your idea is then out with the wider automotive community to see if it would also benefit them and generate discussion.

Out of 10, how satisfied are you with CarVue, and how likely are you to recommend to others?

9 out of 10. I would highly recommend CarVue to others.

Thanks Paul. Can you give us a final word?

I like Carvue because of the cloud based data system mainly, then the accessibility whilst Mobile and of course because it’s easy to use!

"It’s very easy and fast compared to most web based programs that I’ve encountered and simple to use, when I don’t know how, the help system always has the answer"

– Paul Relph, A10 Adaptions

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