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Carvue on-call: helping to keep emergency vehicles on the road

A special solution needed.

When it came to finding a system to manage its 150-strong fleet of emergency service vehicles, Steve Reeves of Huntsman Communications turned to Carvue.

The start-up consultancy business focuses on the specialist vehicle industry and its services includes the rental (usually via leasing companies) of emergency vehicles to NHS trusts when its own vehicles are off the road or when demand is particularly high, so a system which enabled the tracking, maintenance and invoicing, among other things, to be managed in one place was imperative.

“As well as being cloud-based which provides us with the flexibility we wanted, CarVue is also a fixed monthly cost so our monthly outgoings do not change and we did not need any additional IT support staff or help to get it up and running and subsequently, to use the system.

We use the system to manage all our emergency vehicles which we rent to the NHS so we can keep tabs on where vehicles are allocated, how long for and any service work which may be pending as well as being able to use the system for invoicing.”

Delivering emergency vehicle solutions is often complex simply due to the nature of the vehicles involved and Steve needed a system which could effectively manage the fleet. As the Huntsman website states: “We deliver to the most demanding vehicle users in the United Kingdom and overseas, lives depend on us getting this right!”

“I could not run the business without Carvue. Using a non-cloud based system is now impossible, the principles of mobile first and internet first are too fundamentally important for any business. Big data, mobile expertise and accessing information on any device are among the kind of services businesses now need.”

With NHS Ambulance Trusts utilising leasing businesses to fulfil most of their emergency vehicle requirements, Huntsman Communications identified a way to ‘re-life’ some of these vehicles. By providing a short-term rental solution, ambulance trusts are able to maintain their fleets at a the requisite level when their own vehicles are decommissioned or upgraded or when trusts come under increased pressure such as during severe weather or in times of pandemic disease. Huntsman Communications embarked on a trial run in September 2014 with one leasing company and more vehicles were added to the fleet to meet the demand in 2015.

“Product development at Carvue is on-going and they are constantly working on upgrades according to the requests the team receives from its users. Normally, rather than customisation, you would expect the business would have to fit the system!”

“I could not run the business without Carvue. Using a non-cloud based system is now impossible!..”

– Steve Reeves, Huntsman Communications

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