Jonathan Fry Automotive

CarVue has transformed Hull-based mobile diagnostic and electrical specialist Jonathan Fry’s working day.

One man, one business, one system.

Fry has been around cars since he was a child and has some 30 years’ experience which has included a stint as vehicle technician college lecturer. For the past 16 years he has been self-employed providing an expert service to garages in the region.

He said: “Around 70% of my work is diagnostics and analytical, a garage will usually call me up when no one else in the garage can fix or even identify the fault, it means for me, each day and every job is totally different.”

Utilising the CarVue software enables Fry to literally operate his business on the move. Previously, he used a garage software system which was installed on his laptop making it difficult and sometimes impossible to use during the working day. Fry was also responsible for back-ups and any updates he had to download from the internet and install to ensure he was always working in the latest version.

“CarVue is web-based so all I need is an internet connection and I can log in between jobs sat in my car or at the business where I am working,” explained Fry. “I use my mobile and an iPad mini when I am at different garages and I can access CarVue from either device. I can even have it on the screen whilst I am physically undertaking a job.

“I can also go on holiday and continue to run the business by booking in jobs and cross referencing information.”

Fry lists the benefits of CarVue as:-

  • Loading time takes seconds even on a mobile device compared to the previous software which was on a laptop and took much longer to have up and running as well as being only accessible from the one device
  • Information can be uploaded when the job is being undertaken compared to note taking and keying in at home in the evening
  • No back-up is required as this is undertaken by CarVue in real time
  • If a device is lost, stolen or stops working, the data remains in the cloud and is simply accessed using a different device
  • All information can be stored in one place and provides one view of the business, in the past a diary system had to be operated alongside the garage management system, but all those features are combined in CarVue
  • If details of a car or customer have been previously uploaded, simply inputting a vehicle registration calls up the information for easy reference

He added: “As a limited company, I have to provide an audit trail for my accountant and storing all my information in the cloud by using the CarVue system means I will never lose it.

“CarVue has completely changed how I go about my business. Instead of taking notes in a notebook, I input all the details about the job, the fault and what I did to put it right as I go and it is immediately stored against the car and the client on the CarVue software. I am literally updating my records as I go which saves me so much time in the evening. In the past, I would spend two or three hours a night writing up my jobs from the day in order to keep a record and to generate the invoice.

“It was a long, drawn out process whereas now I spend just a few minutes reviewing the information I have keyed in during the day. I can generate the invoice from the job record I create and write as I undertake the task in hand which I then email to the client whilst I am on their premises. It has made my business much more efficient and professional as well as saving me vast amounts of time.

“My diary, invoicing, job description and parts details are combined and I don’t have to keep jumping in and out of one system and onto another. The real difference has been the reduction of administration and I use that time more efficiently such as organising my next working day researching a specific job or downloading diagrams. As well as providing obvious business advantages, CarVue has helped improve my work-life balance.”

"CarVue is web-based so all I need is an internet connection and I can log in between jobs sat in my car or at the business where I am working"

– Jonathan Fry

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