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CarVue has created a revolution at Scotland’s only Morgan dealership.

Just a few short months after starting to use garage management system CarVue, Scotland’s only Morgan dealership, Perth-based Revolutions’ way of working has been, well, revolutionised.

Service manager Matt Mason has a total of seven users on the system and within a few months of going live has found it has transformed their approach.

“I really like it and I am finding it a really useful application. It is very intuitive and we will increasingly utilise the system as we upload more data. CarVue is extremely easy to use.”

Application users include external accountants and Matt can see the day when they are able to migrate their entire accounts procedures to CarVue including doing away with their current accounts package whilst their sales arm is now also being incorporated into CarVue.

“We are beginning to use CarVue for our vehicle sales too. We are still using an excel spreadsheet to manage our invoices for sales, but we are gradually moving the sales process to CarVue. It not only makes sense from an operational point of view in terms of housing all aspects of our business in one system, but also from a CRM perspective as we will have customers’ information to hand to inform them of their service and MOT due dates and any offers.”

Currently, aspects of traditional workshop management run alongside CarVue such as the creation of a written job card which Matt hands to each of the three mechanics before work begins on a vehicle.

“We talk through the job card and the mechanics write down notes throughout the day. I then upload the information onto CarVue creating a permanent record of work undertaken on a particular vehicle. We do undertake servicing when a car is in the workshop for just one day, but much of our work is restoration projects so a vehicle can be with us for weeks or even months. Being able to record and host a record of work undertaken, any issues which arose, parts required and work completed at regular intervals throughout the vehicle’s time at the business is particularly useful. It becomes almost a diary of the restoration project and provides us with the information to hand to explain in great detail the work we undertook on the car and the corresponding cost. Of course, that information is retained which is useful for future reference should the car return for additional repairs, MOT or service work.”

“We are a small business so combining new technology with handwritten notes works for us although I can see the day when we put everything straight onto CarVue doing away with the paper trail entirely.”

Matt is currently updating the Revolutions database of around 400 customers as well as inputting new clients on the system. The data from the company’s original management system was migrated to CarVue’s web-based platform although Matt is now checking and editing the information, effectively performing a thorough data cleansing exercise.

“We had a few teething problems at the beginning, but you would expect that when starting out with any new system. I used the CarVue help desk via its live chat system and they were extremely helpful. Our data wasn’t as good as it should be so I am now in the process of checking.”

"CarVue is very intuitive and extremely easy to use. I really like it. It’s a really useful application"

– Matt Mason, Revolutions

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