When historic Slades Garage in Penn, Bucks came under new ownership, they set out straight away to modernise the management systems in place.

A long-established Classics and high performance garage in a classically quaint home counties village, the business was operating largely paper-based systems to manage the sales and invoicing of their enviable stocklist. On top of that, the Directors had recently opened up a state of the art Aftersales operation for Service and mechanical work, which was located over the road in a separate location to  the showroom.

Explains Lee Hickles, one of Slades’ directors,”Daily business was being carried out on Paper, whether through Excel, job diaries or invoices. We were looking to modernise to a software-based system to pull everything all together in one place. In addition, the integration of our Service operation meant that ease of communication and sharing of data to our other site was essential.

With CarVue, we’ve now got a marketing system, a workshop loading system, a workshop and a car invoicing system all in one, that enables everyone to see what is going on.

The speed of response and flexibility that being in the cloud has impressed us. I noticed that number plate recognition wasn’t in the product one day. Now it is. And that’s just been updated seamlessly – you think ‘that’s missing, someone’s mentioned it, it’s done!” and so next time you go to use the system, it’s there, which is brilliant.”

See more of what Slades think about CarVue by watching our video…