The latest parts, service times and repair schedules for every make and model of car in the UK is now at the fingertips of every CarVue user through an exciting new integration with European market-leading data specialists, TecAlliance.

Linking to TecDoc & TecRMI from CarVue

CarVue users can now access the TecDoc Catalogue electronic parts data catalogue and TecRMI technical service and repair data system for repair times and manufacturer-recommended service schedules from any job card.

TecAlliance gives users fast access to structured, complete, up-to-date and highly accurate vehicle and product information. The product data of each spare parts manufacturer is collected and standardised and is now made available to the UK’s independent workshops within CarVue. TecAlliance is the most comprehensive cross-manufacturer product and vehicle database in the aftermarket. Within TecAlliance’s technical service and repair data, all relevant, OE-compliant maintenance and repair information is standardised and made available for all manufacturers in the same interface.

TecAlliance: In numbers

TecAlliance & TecDoc in numbers

Adding parts and technical data speeds up the process of creating accurate customer quotations – and improves all the downstream activity that follows quote acceptance, including parts ordering, job progressing and invoicing.

Shaun Greasley, TecAlliance Regional Sales Director for GB & Ireland commented, “One of the many strengths of TecAlliance is our ability to incorporate our data resource into third-party systems as we have here with CarVue. This is only possible because the quality of the data we gather and process into our standardised format is so high. As a result, it makes it easier to integrate the data into a wide range of complementary systems and ensures their accuracy is of the highest standard.”

Slick Integration

TecDoc & TecRMI adding from CarVue

Adding TecAlliance Data (TecDoc Catalogue & Repair and Maintenance Information) in CarVue

TecDoc Parts Search page screenshot from CarVue

TecDoc Catalogue Parts Search page in CarVue

TecDoc Parts detail page screenshot from CarVue

TecDoc Catalogue Parts detail page in CarVue

TecRMI service schedule checklist document from CarVue

RMI service schedule checklist

TecRMI adding Repair times from CarVue

RMI adding Repair times from CarVue

TecRMI viewing Repair times from CarVue

RMI viewing service schedules from CarVue

“Technicians and garage owners can now access valuable data like labour times, service schedules and detailed parts specification and images,” said Rob Skidmore, CarVue’s Product Director. “The functionality is driven from our car registration look-up which pulls in this extra data seamlessly through the existing interface. This adds capability to CarVue without layering on any extra complexity as we know our users value the speed and simplicity of CarVue.”

The new capability is live already in all paid plans. Users that helped test the development were enthusiastic too, saying benefits included there being ‘no need to open two different systems’ with no ‘double-keying of information’ resulting in ‘more professional’ customer invoices.

“What this really offers is the potential for any smaller business to be competing in just a few clicks with the big guys running extremely expensive legacy IT systems,” added Rob. “It all helps to level the playing field and means garages can work more effectively on a wider range of vehicles without barriers.”

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