We’re delighted to announce the arrival of a fantastic new feature today in CarVue with SMS messaging now available in the application.


Initially rolled out in today’s latest app release for CarVue users in the UK, with a global release to follow once the test phase is complete, the new SMS feature means subscribers as well as trial users can now send text messages to contacts and receive replies back direct from a job card, invoice, stock record and other key pages.

Best of all, while it’s in Beta testing for a limited period, we’re offering it to anyone on the Standard Package (including locations on a free trial) absolutely free!

How does it work?

Text messaging is located in the same place that notes are stored, in our ‘conversation stream’ that lives on job cards, stock records, invoices, purchases, contacts and vehicles.

Where general, call and private notes are currently recorded, there’s now the ability to quickly send a text to any mobile number stored against a contact.

The message is then saved in the conversation stream along with your other notes.

Can customers also reply?


We’ve made the text messaging feature flexible with two different options for our users…

You have the option of using your business name on the outbound message to fire one-way, branded messages to your customers, or if you select Inbound during set-up, we’ll assign a dedicated number to your location that will mean your customer’s replies come straight into CarVue as a notification…


…which you can click on to view the reply in the conversation stream.

Ok, how do I get started…?

For current CarVue users, setting up text messaging for a location takes a few seconds from the Settings menu or location set-up wizard…take a look at our set-up guide here and for full details on how to use the SMS feature, and click here to read our guide to sending and receiving messages.

If you’re not currently using CarVue and you’re in the UK, simply visit our website here and start a free no obligation 30 day trial today. Once you’ve set-up your trial location you can get straight into using SMS by looking at our guide and using the set-up wizard from the dashboard.

How long will it be free for?

While text messaging is in Beta testing, we’re offering it to all UK Standard users absolutely free of charge while we fine-tune it and gather feedback from our users. As you will appreciate, there is a cost for us to run this service, so at a later date (we will of course give you a heads up closer to the time) text messages sent from CarVue will become a part of our media packs, and texts sent in the app will use credits in the same way as vehicle and address look-ups do.

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