The top UK automotive media titles have been keen to speak to us about what they see is an exciting, revolutionary product that is set to transform the independent garage market this year. With Beta testing underway in the UK and US testers currently being sought, the publications have picked up that we are operating in a totally new and fresh manner in our approach with CarVue.

As well as talking about the important Beta testing process we are putting the product through, publications have been interested in the research we obtained during our focus group phase. In particular, the overwhelming demand for one, simple, comprehensive system to control their business, driven by the fact that more often than not, UK independent businesses are running more than one system, and in many cases they are still paper-based.

Comments Marketing Director, Alex Knight, “The focus group confirmed that there is a strong appetite for sophisticated but easy-to-use software to manage the business from one place in the independent sector. We discovered that the industry was still at different levels of technological maturity. We spoke to one tester who simply wrote out paper invoices which were provided to their accountant on an annual basis, to a mobile technician who used a web-enabled diagnostic machine, a Windows 8.1 toughbook and carried out all in-the-field operations on an iPad Mini. With Beta testing for CarVue in such a wide cross-section of UK automotive, we’ve been delighted to discover that our solution caters for all of their needs.”

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