In today’s ‘always on’ world business and people, need to keep moving.

Last year, the use of Cloud applications grew by 10% within small businesses (look at why we think small businesses need to follow the trend set by big business here…), with 69% now using cloud applications.

Most used the Cloud to work out of the office or from home, realising they could reduce overheads, at the same time. In addition 2015 has seen the Government themselves moving key motoring services to the cloud, with a brand new MOT system.

This year CarVue paying customers have increased by over 500%…

…proof that it’s not just offices looking to the cloud, but garages, workshops, used car dealers, bodyshops and more!

British Telecom have put together a great little infographic perfectly illustrating the continued rise of the cloud in small business.


Small businesses and the cloud infographic from BT