Barely 3 weeks into the life of CarVue, and with more locations in the UK signing up every day, we thought we’d grab a few minutes of time with Alex Knight, Razoom’s Marketing Director to get an update.

“To say it’s been a whirlwind so far would be an understatement,” explains Alex. The past three weeks has seen a high level of traffic to the CarVue website, and users are engaging with the content, showing the industry’s interest in the innovative system. “Since the new site went live, we’ve seen engagement levels spike – average visit duration is a very healthy 3 minutes, and users on average are looking at over 4 pages each time. This is in part down to the interest in the product – users reading about the way it works, packages, component modules etc, but also the quality of content available at their fingertips: our CarVue user videos have been loaded over 5,000 times in that time alone.”

“During the first couple of weeks our development team pushed out several successful product releases, with smart new features arriving (like direct invoice emailing) for the benefit of all subscribers.” CarVue’s users have been busy talking to the team, with feature ideas being added on a daily basis to the forum, and bugs or issues flagged up for the Support team to remedy.”It’s a great position for us to be in as a software business. No product, however large, is perfect, and our users finding any niggles/bugs in the system helps us continually improve the experience for all. In addition, our community are being very active in suggesting new features for CarVue. We’ve built a hugely democratic piece of software; every one of our users can post, view, comment, and ultimately, vote on the features they want.”

The most popular of these features stand a very good chance of making it into a future release of CarVue. “Through listening to our users, we’re able to incorporate updates and features that the majority of them want; making it an even more useful tool in their daily business operations, and appealing to more businesses. New features are deployed seamlessly without need for upgrade, installation or investment: the features are simply ‘there’ the next time users log in to their account.”

With high website engagement levels, has the perceived interest turned into product trials for CarVue? “Put simply, yes.” says Alex. “To date, we’ve seen an account sign-up conversion rate of over 3% from the people visiting the site, which is hugely encouraging for our team. It would appear that there is a big appetite for cloud-based garage systems, and users are voting with their fingers, clicking to register for CarVue and to start exploring and managing their business obligation-free for 30 days.”

While the product has been made available to UK motor businesses since 23rd June, the cloud hosting of a Software as a Service (SaaS) application like CarVue can mean reaching businesses further afield is easier and closer than ever before… “We’re seeing a global geographic spread of interest” explains Knight, “with 50% of visitors to originating outside of the UK, and from over 40 countries. The Global edition of CarVue is only a few weeks away now, and it’s looking like the simplicity but intelligence of the system that has seen a successful release in the UK is set to be replicated all over the world. It’s fascinating for us to see that the basics of running a motor business are broadly speaking very similar across national borders, and the ideals of system access anywhere from any device, simple task operation and low-cost monthly licencing are in demand from motor businesses everywhere.”