We may still be in the middle of a wet and wild winter here at CarVue HQ, but the sun is shining for our users with yesterday’s latest update bringing in some neat layout and process changes in Sales, and our developers cranking up the speed of the application for everyone.

It’s good news if you’re a car dealer as we’ve put in some great enhancements to the stock management process in our Sales module.

We’ve also listened to some of our users noticing slow system speed in places. Our developers put CarVue up on the ramp for a few weeks to look at the inner workings, and have started work on a major overhaul to the engine to speed it up further. We want to know how it’s performing for you, so please take a few seconds to let us know if it’s faster for you by chatting to our support team in the app.

You can take a look at all the enhancements and fixes we issued in our release yesterday here