Fantastic new vehicle and customer data import features have been rolled out into the latest release of CarVue today enabling garages to bring in any data they want to manage into their location quickly and easily.


The dreaded migration

For garage and workshop owners, migrating to a new management system is historically a difficult and time-consuming task but an essential one in order to maintain continuity of business. Now matter how good your new system may be, it starts off as an empty box, so getting your data in and carrying on with managing your daily garage life is essential. And we know this pain; we’ve been talking to our customers for the past few months and that’s why we’ve been working hard to make this difficult transition as quick, easy and painless as possible.

Traditionally, migrating management systems is not a small or cheap undertaking…

First, you need to get your database out of whatever your current system is (which can be tricky).

Then, you will have the task of formatting your data and finally, you’ll need to get your new provider to pull in your data. In most cases, this is a service you’ll need to pay for.

We decided to take this costly, difficult and time-consuming chore and turn it on its head.


Simple and Smart Imports. At no extra cost.

CarVue introduces smart imports for our customers today so when getting started in the app, pulling in existing system data, or indeed any data is a breeze.

Our import wizard accepts any CSV file meaning you don’t have to spend an age formatting it. Our smart import engine gives users the choice of what data they do or don’t want to bring in.

Smart import data mapping

Even better than that, when it recognises common data fields, like telephone, it will automatically flag it so you don’t need to do anything other than accept and continue.

Uploading a file, selecting fields and then importing into CarVue takes only a couple of minutes, with the data there for you to use as soon as the import completes, meaning you can generate your first job card, invoice or stock record from your existing customer and vehicle data immediately. Got data from another source? No problems…you can upload as many files as you like!

Perhaps most importantly, it’s a free service to every CarVue user. Finding your feet with a new system and visualising how it will look and work with your own customers and vehicles is so important that we couldn’t put a price tag on it.

For more information on our new import features, click here.

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