We reported a few weeks ago that the paper counterpart of the driving licence will no longer be used and instead companies, like yours, will have to obtain driver information including penalty points, driving bans and category of vehicles an individual is permitted to drive, online.

When the system went live on 8 June, it was heavily criticised by many motoring organisations, but we’re interested in your experience and opinions. Have you found the system to be efficient and effective? How informed are your customers when they come to drop off their car for servicing and expect to drive away in a courtesy vehicle? Do you prefer the paper version or are you a convert to the online system?

We would like to gather as many thoughts as possible to gauge the thoughts of independent garage owners and used car operators who provide courtesy vehicles or undertake test drives and therefore have to use the new system to check a person’s credentials. Scroll down and vote in our survey below…

Already, questions have been raised about access to information as drivers must agree to share their information with the person requesting it via the gov.uk Share Driving Licence website. Motorists have to access the system and generate their own check code before visiting the premises where they hope to test drive a vehicle, borrow a courtesy car or hire a vehicle. Motorists need to acquire the code in advance, print it off and present it at the business which requires the information, although it is also possible for the information to be provided verbally as long as the driver has given the enquirer permission.

The DVLA, however, say the new system will save the tax payer money. Last year alone, the DVLA had to replace around 445,000 counterparts because drivers had lost them, for which they were charged £20 each to cover the cost. As it will no longer be required, the DVLA says it is saving motorists money as well as ensuring employers and companies have access to up-to-date and accurate information.

Currently, there are 46.4 million licence holders in Great Britain; 37.7 million licence holders have a photocard driving licence and 8.7 million licence holders have an old style paper licence that was issued before 1998 which remain valid.

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