Cloud computing is transforming business, allowing them to provide services and communications on a huge scale which is affordable. Everything from invoicing to customer relationship management (CRM) and other operational processes can be implemented in a business no matter how small via cloud-based systems. The cloud enables every business to work smarter and faster and means all businesses can deliver the level of service, communication and efficient processes which today’s customers expect.

The cloud will continue to grow with businesses looking to move all their operations to the cloud following their experiences with what had been previously considered non ‘mission critical’ areas like marketing. Large organisations are embracing the cloud and not just in isolated pockets within the organisation, but across the entire business. It is increasingly viewed as a way to increase revenue because of its lower investment costs and ability to connect with the consumer on several levels which boosts engagement and encourages loyalty.

Large corporations are increasingly expected to opt for end-to-end cloud computing as they look for greater flexibility and turn their backs on the need for vast equipment installations and the accompanying maintenance and upgrades. In the past, companies had often found themselves in the situation of having to integrate various different technologies, ending up with an inflexible system which does not quite meet all their needs. By contrast, moving everything to the cloud opens up endless opportunities to combine different solutions with common interfaces and software platforms for seamless integration and efficiencies thereby providing a massive competitive advantage because it provides the ability to scale up, add new applications and take advantage of latest developments in real time whilst delivering cost savings due to hardware installs and upkeeps not being necessary.

There’s another reason why the cloud is becoming increasingly critical for large organisations and that’s the changing face of the workplace. In order to succeed, businesses large and small have to evolve their office-based culture to create an agile workforce fit for the demands of modern economies. Cloud-based systems enable employees to work anywhere, at any time and from any device as long as they have an internet connection making agile working easy, accessible and inevitable.

The real beauty of the cloud, though, is that it is not exclusive or prohibitively expensive. It enables small companies like local garages to benefit from the kind of systems and operational capability associated with larger organisations.

If you’re aiming high with your business, this year, make sure you’re in the cloud, it’s practically a requirement for success.

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