If you’re not in the cloud, you have some catching up to do.

CarVue users are already familiar with working in the cloud and its benefits, for those yet to sign up and if you’re a bit wary, here’s the lowdown on what’s going on up here in the cloud.

According to Computing, the UK’s leading technology publication, around 3% of data centre workloads per year were transferred to cloud providers. In English that means, instead of information, systems and software running off a server, it is accessed in the cloud via the internet.

Some companies are opting to move their technology into the cloud whilst others are more selective, however, one thing’s for sure, the trend for cloud working is hurtling ever upwards.

Market leader Amazon’s cloud business Amazon Web Services saw its cloud facility grow 69% in Q4 2015 compared to the same quarter the year before whilst CarVue’s cloud platform provider Microsoft Azure, which includes other products and services as well as the cloud, experienced a growth in revenue of 140% last year. Some experts predict Google’s cloud business revenue will overtake that of its advertising arm, that’s how big the cloud is expected to become.

With so many large corporations now moving significant elements of their business to cloud operators, fears of security and data location are rapidly receding.

Computing magazine illustrates confidence in the cloud with its graphic which shows how IT staff would like to update their technology this year with the private cloud being the top choice and the public cloud not far behind.

Computing .co.uk cloud graphic

We think as more and more independent garages move some of their operations to the cloud, by using systems like Carvue as well as other software which enables them to manage their business more efficiently, we’ll see many of these businesses scale up their operations.

Why? Because cloud systems make life easier. Running your operations using a cloud system removes many of the obstacles to business growth such as having to be on the premises to access your diary system, having to find time during the day to update records and generate invoices (instead of doing it as you go along) and generating reports to contact customers whose cars have up and coming service due dates.

This frees up time for garage owners to expand their business. Even small garages where the owner is also the chief or even the only mechanic, will be able to fit more jobs into the day because cloud systems have made the business more efficient to run.

The cloud will transform the lives of garage owners in other ways. Have you heard of the ‘Internet of Tools’ ? You have probably come across the Internet of Things, basically things including cars connected to the internet. Well, the Internet of Tools is a project spearheaded by Bosch and a couple of other companies to link tools to the internet. It’s in its infancy and is currently geared towards manufacturing with the objective of making precision engineering even more precise. Faults or flaws revealed by the data can be detected much more quickly and tolerances and settings of tools can be remotely adjusted. You can see how this has the potential to impact the way mechanics do their jobs, the laptop has long replaced the spanner as the most important piece of kit in the workshop.

Whilst the cloud is transforming big business, corporate and global giants and we’ll see huge technological strides taken this year, cloud computing can change the smallest of businesses for the better.

We’re looking forward to seeing our customers’ garages growing and benefitting in other ways, such as freeing up staff time, this year as a result of using the cloud to manage their business.

If you’re not in the cloud, we’ve got one simple message for 2016: hey, you, get onto our cloud!

Why not come and see us at Automechanika in Birmingham this June where we can demonstrate the power, benefits and ease of running your garage in the cloud.

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